3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Writing By Kelly Anne Liberto



Writing a book can be a daunting job. Any serious writer knows that once you commit to it, the long hours add up and lethargy can set in.

In the beginning you awaken at the crack of dawn with an idea so amazing you have to get up and write it down. But what happens when after a few months of working on your book, your creative flow has dried up?

After six years hitting the keyboard day after day I’ve found these surefire ways to put the spark back into my writing sessions.

  1. Do something new to fan the flames of your interest in what you’re writing.

In Spring of 2003, two years after I won a battle with cancer, I joined my husband on a business trip to London, England. The new sights and sounds were enough to inspire me to write. While we were there I made sure we hopped on the tube (their subway system) to visit museums which are free by the way! In order to say we had a taste of English cooking we walked through the streets until we found authentic fish and chips. And on our last day there, we rode a double decker bus to check out the famous department store called Harrods.

Several years after that we read accounts of shark attacks off the coast of South Carolina. So what did we do? Our family got in a rental car and drove to Myrtle Beach to take a dolphin run on jet skis on those shark infested waters. I’ll tell you when you press down the throttle of a jet ski and slam into a three foot wave at 40 miles per hour on the Atlantic Ocean your adrenalin and writing will hit an all time high.

Another time we took a family vacation in a log cabin on the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. By the time we  climbed the almost vertical rise to the cabin we had to loosen my mother’s grip off the dash board. After a few days of watching the sunset drop behind towering 100 year -old redwoods, riding horseback on narrow paths of those mountains and watching my husband and daughter fly through the air on a ripcord, I was ready to get back to my story. It was an experience I will never forget.

2. Exercise

I have a friend who recommended running to me for my health. Then, I read an article about the benefits of running for a writer. According to scientists running works on the part of the brain that stimulates creativity. I resisted the ever increasing urge to try it out until my dental hygienist told me that running would help me stop grinding my teeth at night.

So I grabbed some old sneakers and along with my 80 pound golden retriever/rottweiler mix puppy, Layla, hit the closest dirt trail. For a half an hour on the trail, I spend time talking to God and clearing my thoughts before sitting down to the computer every day.

Besides helping with the TMJ, some other great rewards have been a 25 pound weight loss, more energy and a completed manuscript.

  1. Finally, save your pennies and attend at least one writers conference a year.

I think more than any one thing I do, this inspires me the most. Hanging out with other writers and learning new skills in the craft of writing will motivate you to continue to maintain the daily discipline of writing a book.

This June my husband and I will be flying to Coeur D’Alene, Idaho so I can attend a writers retreat while he is golfing. We will also have the opportunity to visit with my sister and her husband who live in the area. I can’t wait!

So what are some ways you find inspire the writer in you?

Be blessed and happy writing!

When Kelly is not on jet skis off the shark infested waters of South Carolina she is gallivanting with her husband and three daughters. Someday, Kelly hopes to publish her romantic suspense novel Stealth. For more encouragement visit Kelly at her website at www.kellyanneliberto.com.